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Breast Care in Prince George

A trained physiotherapist can help with much more than just injuries. The physiotherapists at the PG Pelvic Floor & Core Rehabilitation Centre are experienced with breast care, whether that be mastitis while nursing or specific care after a mastectomy.

Woman breastfeeding child


Mastitis, which is also known as a ‘blocked milk duct’, can be painful and persistent. We have treatment techniques that are proven to be effective in a very short period of time. Contact us to book an appointment, bring baby, and we will help you get relief from the pain.

Post-mastectomy care

Post-Mastectomy Care

Often post-mastectomy patients experience reduced range of motion in their shoulders and may develop cording in the axillar area (from the armpit to chest). This condition can be restrictive and uncomfortable. Rely on our professionals to identify your restrictions and tailor a treatment program. We have private treatment rooms and provide one-on-one care that can help you on your journey from acute care to functional retraining. We focus on helping you get back to your life.

Just Had a Mastectomy?

Get tailored breast care to help you get relief from post-mastectomy pain and discomfort.

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