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Get Effective Clinical Pilates Sessions in Prince George

Poor body postures can lead to an injured or painful neck or back. The Pilates system helps restore proper movement patterns and alignments so that the injured or painful area will stay in position and work properly again. Designed by Joseph Pilates about 100 years ago, Pilates is a great add-on to manual therapy treatments that has helped many people find relief from chronic pains. The PG Pelvic Floor & Core Rehabilitation Centre offers Clinical Pilates sessions to help you correct your posture and get you moving again.

Get Relief From Pain With Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates uses revolutionary exercising machines and specific movement techniques to achieve effective results. The machines support a person’s body weight and help position the individual into the right posture. The Clinical Pilates system will restore proper movement and alignment to help relieve you from pain. Clinical Pilates helps with some of these commonly treated conditions:

Chronic pain

Back or neck pain


SI joint pain or instability

Rotator cuff

Frozen shoulder

Women’s health conditions

Prenatal and postnatal

Post hip and knee replacement



Planter fasciitis

Joint instability issues

Post-acute phase of an injury

Sports injuries

Pilates class group photo

Pilates Sessions at the PG Pelvic Floor & Core Rehabilitation Centre

Our Clinical Pilates sessions are like getting a manipulation or adjustment, and we assure that you will feel different when you leave. The Clinical Pilates system works on adjusting your neuromuscular system, fascia and bones. Your Clinical Pilates session is guided by a registered physiotherapist and may include manual therapy. Within our sessions, you will learn to:

Release tight muscles

Connect with your under-conditioned muscles

Connect with your core

Use your core to support your posture while doing functional activities

Move in a pain-free way

We offer 60-minute and 30-minute one-on-one Clinical Pilates sessions and 20-minute group sessions. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Dealing With Chronic Neck or Back Pain?

We offer one-on-one Clinical Pilates sessions to help you alleviate your pain.

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