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Pelvic Floor & Core Group Classes

Have you been having bladder or pelvic issues for years or are suffering from an acute postnatal condition? Let PG Pelvic Floor & Core Rehabilitation Centre in Prince George help you. Our pelvic floor and core group sessions focus on strengthening and restoring your pelvic floor to help you with improved bladder and bowel control. Here’s how our group classes will help you:

Revamp your pelvic floor and core activation

Teach your pelvic floor appropriate tone and retrain the kinetic core

Learn stamina and power-building exercises for the pelvic floor and improving the core

Start to integrate your pelvic floor and core into functional activities

Learn More About Our Group Classes

The PG Pelvic Floor & Core Rehabilitation Centre offers both private and group classes to help improve your pelvic health. Each of our group classes spans across five weeks, one class per week. The goal of our classes is to help retrain the pelvic floor and also address lower back pain issues. After the five-week program comes to an end, we offer advanced one-on-one sessions with our kinesiologist and/or physiotherapist if required.

We offer classes covering the following subjects:

Pregnancy Pre – Prenatal

Pelvic Floor & Core Rehab – Post Partum

Peri – Menopausal


Improve Your Quality of Life

Get your pelvic floor and core functioning well with safe and effective exercises.

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